As you know, ebikes are one of the most efficient and fun ways of getting around.  You may have wondered about taking longer all day trips, or traversing a state or even a country.  Like me, you may have worried that there would be no place to charge. 

So I rode my ebike in a loop around the USA to see.  And I always found a place to charge.  But man, an app like this could have saved me a lot of anxiety! 

So I’m trying to crowd source an outlet database.  This site will never accept advertising and makes no money, it is here to encourage bold ebiking.  Promote ebiking by adding public outlets when you find them!  When you start looking, they are everywhere.

Here are some of the most common places to find them:  Public restrooms, libraries, city halls and visitors centers.  Parks, especially with pavilions.  Large grocery stores and Walmart.  Dollar General Stores, behind fast food restaurants.  Schools.  Happy Hunting!


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12/17/2022 Meetup group in Washington, DC article.