How to add an outlet

When you are at the outlet location:

  1. Tap the Purple Bicycle Icon to find your geolocation.  
  2. Create a Marker Title, like “WalMart.”  
  3. Enter a description, such as “To the right of the front door”.  
  4. Take a picture by tapping “Choose File” 
  5. Tick the “I’m human” box and submit the marker.
  6. Look for the Marker Successfully Submitted message.

Your marker will be sent to me for review.  I want to be sure we get real outlets! 


How to navigate

The purple bicycle is your location. 

The plug icons are public outlets.    Click on a plug for a description and it’s distance.  If there is a picture, scroll down.

If you want to go there, click “Get Directions.” This will open Google Maps in a new window. The outlet you clicked will be the destination.  Enter your location and click the cycling icon for cycling directions to that outlet.  

How to add app to phones

  • To install on your Android phone; 

Navigate to in Chrome.  With the page open, click on the three dots in the upper right of the browser, then on “Install app.”  Allow the App to find your location.

  • To install on your Apple phone;

Navigate to in Safari. Click “share/send” icon at bottom-center of screen, scroll to bottom and click “Add to home screen.”  Allow the app to find your location.