Add an outlet below the map. When you are at the outlet location pinch-zoom in on the purple bicycle. Then tap the screen to add a red temporary marker next to the bicycle.  You can also type in the address or a description, such as “Walmart, Thomaston, Maine,” and the Google Map search engine will enter the address.  You can also press the screen for a moment and a red marker will appear.  You cannot delete the marker, but can move it by pressing in a new spot.  If you do not “Add Marker,” the marker will be void.

Give the marker a title, such as “Walmart, Anytown”   If you want to make a test marker, title it “Test” and I’ll delete it.

Write a description such as “On the right side of the building.”

You can post a picture by pressing “Chose File” under Image.   Your camera will open.  After taking a picture, click “OK” on your camera.  Done.

Tick the ‘I’m a human” box.  Finally, tap “Add Marker.”  A marker will appear at your location.  I’ll receive an email and I’ll review and approve each marker.